Berhasil Bikin Roti Manis Dengan Selai Susu Keju Enak


Berhasil Bikin Roti Manis Dengan Selai Susu Keju Enak - During Semester 2 Paijo secretly in love at Sari, girl next class. Paijo is sekontrakanku friend, and he could easily get Sari, but, unfortunately, he's too plain. Maybe when I was a toddler, her father's nursing at times yes.

Paijo was innocent, but that does not mean he's whacky or dongo, er yes maybe sedikitlah me. Hehehe. He was plain in many aspects, especially the problem chasing girls. He did not even know how to contact each Sari properly. Paijo often have recourse to Sister Nova. The queen collectors guy.

In fact, he was willing to become a disciple Ms. Nova origin Tv in his room for rent Ma'am Nova FREE for becoming his disciple. ha ha ha. Love devotee base.
Paijo never done Ma'am Nova suggestions to bring Brown to Sari. Money savings by buying Paijo Brown Brown knows what but from the shape alone was drooling see tu chocolate.

Is completely different with me, Till now I have not had a girlfriend. Ngenes level of god
People fall in love would secretly find out what are all the information about the person she appraiser. Although they have never met. Paijo also know Kost Sari where, Plat bike how, and with whom he always went to the campus. Paijo also know Sari Like Chicken Noodle meal in the cafeteria downstairs and like to linger if in front of the camera. Even CCTV cameras. Hehehehe, Do not Believe it.
From where Paijo know all that?
Yapss, friends of friends of friends of his friends again. dizziness dah lo

People who are in love always daydreaming fitting time clock boring lectures. Or not, by writing or drawing role in his notes. On the whiteboard Paijo always write the hope that can get acquainted with Sari. Because Paijo ngenes inspired by the movie. According Paijo PDKT waste of time, if a guy approaches a girl must be obvious intent of the boy approached the girl .. Weve bit aggressive but that according Paijo quoted from the movie he saw. If I still have not never see movies tuh. ha ha ha. And also Paijo never written in the middle Books berantahnya. tuh matter contents book kayak macem macem contents so special lotek

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Berhasil Bikin Roti Manis Dengan Selai Susu Keju Enak